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A noticeable difference between teachers of older and younger pupils can often be discerned in their respective subject knowledge. This is a reflection of the amount of training they receive in their qualifying training. Content experts are professional teachers (mainly in secondary schools) and coaches (often outsourced by head teachers) who have knowledge, tools and resources to address physical education matters. In the case of primary teachers their knowledge is often more extensive with regards to the pupils in their care. Therefore context experts are professional teachers and teaching assistants (often in primary schools) with lived experience of the children. They are the people who experientially know about the pupils.This may be simplistic to describe the difference between teachers who know a lot about the subject matter versus teachers who know a lot about the children but it is helpful to justify the layout and direction taken by this particular programme.

When we define authentic PE engagement as being that which empowers and educates pupils, this programme is a powerful example. Starting with the content, learning from European experiences, synthesizing the commonalities and differences, and turning it into educational material allows for a more impactful process and outcome. With regards to the context the materials provided are linked to the key element of how to teach. The programme is designed to empower individuals to improve their content and context knowledge, tools and resources.

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